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    Help perfect your English pronunciation with the best-value, most-comprehensive English phonetics app available. Enjoy 20 fun English phonetics/pronunciation practice activities and resources in one engaging app. Perfect for students and teachers!


    First-ever mobile phonetics typewriter. Type, save, print or email your phonetic spellings (Plus, hear the sounds as you type!)
    100+ carefully selected word examples (with audio & phonetics) added to interactive Phonemic Chart

    The creators of the highly-popular, British Council ELTon nominated Phonetics Focus, bring you the Phonetics Focus mobile app, helping you to master the sounds of English and perfect your pronunciation wherever you are. 

    Packed with 20 activities, including interactive Phonemic Charts, Listen & Record, Phonetic Typewriter, scored quizzes, practice tools and printable full-colour flashcard sets (8 sets/350 flashcards), supported with high-quality native-speaker audio, this app could be the only one you'll need to learn, improve and succeed in successfully teaching and learning the sounds of English. 

    Plus, you have a chance to win great pronunciation titles from Cambridge University Press, in our free monthly prize draw! 

    **** Check out the Phonetics Focus iPad app too-for a ‘big screen’ phonetics teaching/learning experience
    **** This is the perfect partner for our Phonetics Type & Test app! 


    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
    "This is value for money! I am using this app on my iPad and think it is great!
    Apart from the many activities and flash cards available in this app, the recorded phoneme sounds are some of the best quality of the IPA sounds I have been able to find."

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
    "I really like this and think it is helping my English pronunciation already. There are lots of quizzes and they really test me... Maybe one day I'll get the accent of a native speaker!" 

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
    "Great resource. Fun, innovative and worthwhile. I did not realize there were so many activities. It's a bargain, my students love it."

    * What's included in the Phonetics Focus app?

    This powerful, fun, easy-to-use app is packed with 20 different activities to improve your knowledge of pronunciation, phonemic symbols and all 44 sounds of English. All supported by over 30 teaching/learning ideas & tips.

    Not one, but FOUR exciting tools to teach & learn phonetics/pronunciation: 

    Phonemic Chart - All 44 sounds and symbols... just a click away
    Click the phonemic symbols to hear and practise the sounds of English. With 100+ example words/audio files to show how the sounds are used at the beginning, middle & end of words (tap the symbol & see up to 3 words per sound)

    Phonemic Chart iPoster - A fully-illustrated, all-in-one chart 
    With illustrations, phonemic symbols, phonetic spellings and real spellings, all in one attractive Phonemic Chart iPoster, this is a simple way to explore and learn the phonemic alphabet and create your own professional-looking pronunciation practice resources.

    Phonetics Typer Type, Save, Print, Email your phonetic spellings
    Create and your own phonetic spellings with the first-ever phonetics typewriter (perfect for making your own practice resources). Perfect for making teaching and learning activities.

    Listen & Record - Listen, Repeat, Record & Perfect
    We've broken the phonemic chart down into bite-size bits. Each card has 5 parts to help you teach or learn the sounds of English. Plus you can record, play and compare your pronunciation with ours.

    * EIGHT fun, interactive, scored quizzes and activities to help you improve your knowledge of the sounds of English: 

    Name that Phoneme! - Match the symbol to the sound

    Being able to hear the difference between different phonemic sounds is not always easy. Knowing the phonemic symbol for the sounds makes it even harder. But don't worry, we're here to help.

    Phonetic Flip - Practise your phonetic spelling
    This handy study and teaching tool tests how well you can read phonemic spellings, while letting you hear how they sound. With images and real spellings to help you remember, it's a quick, easy and fun way to learn and practise. Just slide and flip to start learning.

    Phoney Phonemes Quiz - Can you spot the fake phonemes?
    Try this fun, scored quiz to see if you can spot when a phonemic symbol shouldn't be there. There are 44 questions to test you.

    Missing Phonemes Quiz - Which phoneme has been removed?
    Can you fill the gap in the phonetic spellings? Look at the real spelling and the image then choose which phonemic sound fills the gap. There are 44 questions to test you.

    Minimal Pairs - Which one do you hear?
    Minimal pairs might sound small but they can cause big problems for some learners of English. Hearing the difference between certain sounds is not always easy, especially when they are in complete words. This scored quiz can really test your listening as well as your knowledge of phonemic symbols and sounds. Can you get all 21 correct? 

    Phonetic Spelling Test - How's your phonetic spelling?
    Time to test your phonemic spelling! Can you put what you've learnt into practice? Try to get all 44 right?

    Which Phoneme? - Pick the correct symbol & score
    Can you spot the underlined sound and symbol in our fun scored quiz? There are 44 questions to test you.

    Odd Phon' Out - One is right, but three are wrong
    Look at the 4 words on each page.  Each has an underlined part and you have to choose which underlined sound is different to the other three sounds. Click the word that is the odd one out. 20 sets to test you.

    Take advantage of the EIGHT sets of quality full-colour flashcards (350 in total) for you to use on your device, or download, print and use either by yourself, with friends or in your classroom.  In the app we've also included over 30 teaching and learning ideas to go with the sets, so you can make the most out of our resources.

    The full-colour flashcard sets include:

    On each card in this set you'll find a phonemic symbol, a phonemic spellings (with highlighted sound), an image and a real spelling. Use them as part of matching activities with our other sets, or just use them as reference tool.

    Phonemic Symbols    
    Just the phonemic symbols, but big and bold. 44 cards.

    Phonetic Spellings  
    Practise your phonemic spelling with our 44 word cards.

    Images Only    
    Fun full-colour illustrations for matching with our other flashcards.

    Phonetic Spellings (with gap)  
    Which phonemic symbol is missing? Great for matching with the phonemic symbol cards. 

    Real Spellings    
    Great for matching with the phonemic spelling cards.

    Real Spellings (with gap) 
    Which phoneme fits the gap? Great for matching with the phonemic symbol cards.

    Minimal Pairs  
    Just one sound is different. Great for matching and making your own minimal pairs.

    * Making your own flashcards and learning resources

    Many of the resources in this Phonetics Focus app have a camera button in the top left which lets you take a screenshot and then use it to make your own teaching and practice activities. We've designed this unique app to enable both mobile and offline/classroom-based teaching and learning.


    * Who is Phonetics Focus for?

    In short, anyone who teaches English or is learning English can benefit from our app:

    - If you are an English language learner, of any age and from any country, Phonetics Focus provides you with new, exciting ways to learn, practise and improve your pronunciation.
    - If you are a language teacher looking for stimulating, high-quality pronunciation/phonetics resources to help your students, Phonetics Focus is for you.
    - If you are a trainee teacher studying towards your CELTA, wanting to master the sounds of English, Phonetics Focus is for you.
    - If you are a non-native English speaking teacher who needs help teaching students the sounds of English correctly, Phonetics Focus is for you.
    - If you are a linguistics student, at undergraduate or postgraduate level, Phonetics Focus is a useful resource.

    * How can Phonetics Focus help your English pronunciation?

    As you will know there are 26 letters in the English alphabet, but because these letters can make different sounds when combined or used in different ways, there are actually 44 sounds. Each of these sounds of English has its own phonemic symbol. Some of the symbols are the same as the English alphabet, but many of the symbols are different.
    Some of the symbols are the same as the English alphabet, such as:

    Some of the symbols are different, such as:

    Knowing the phonemic symbols for the sounds of English can help you read and write the pronunciation of English words, as well as helping you read the pronunciations which are often shown in dictionaries. 

    (This is actually the phonemic spelling of ‘mother').
    Being able to read and pronounce these phonemic symbols is very useful when trying to pronounce new words too. Our Phonetics Focus app can help you know how to pronounce words by looking for the symbols which usually appear between these marks /     / in a dictionary.  This is to stop you confusing them with the real spelling of the word, which in some cases can look the same as the phonemic spelling. For example: 

    Once you master how to read and pronounce the sounds of English you'll have a good idea how a word should be pronounced just by reading the phonemic symbols, hopefully making you a better, more confident speaker of English.

    * Different learners... different problems

    At Cambridge English Online we understand that speakers of different languages from around the world often have different English pronunciation problems too, so we've tried to address many of the commonly mispronounced sounds to help you avoid making mistakes, no matter what country you are from or what your first language is.

    Win great pronunciation prizes every month!

    As well as being able to learn and practise the sounds of English wherever you go, buying this Phonetics Focus app gives you a chance to win some of the world's most-popular pronunciation titles from Cambridge University Press in our free, monthly prize draw. Check inside the app for more details.

    Take a look below to see the great prizes that are available each month. Click on the book covers to see which one you'll choose if you are a lucky winner.

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