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    Requirements:Compatible with iPad.

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    Learning English Grammar? Confusing? Tricky? Boring? Well, not anymore! Grammarman finally makes the leap from the comic page to your iPad in his first ever-app. Whether you study English, teach English or just love English, Grammarman is the hero for you. 

    Get a fun taste of the full version for FREE! 

    It’s far more than grammar though - teaching and testing everything from idioms to tenses, spelling to punctuation and adjectives to articles. 


    20 EXCITING GRAMMARMAN COMIC ADVENTURES (Episodes 1-5 in Lite version) 
    Engaging, colourful and packed with fun! Grammarman and his friends, Syntax the alien and Alpha-bot the android, need your help in the battle against bad English. 100s of quiz QUESTIONS, STUDY TIPS and handy HINTS to help you in your quest for better English grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Each comic ends with a challenge and you’re invited to help Grammarman save the day. 

    Each comic has a different learning focus. Alpha-bot provides related tips and advice for IMPROVING key English skills. 

    Practice makes PERFECT, and Syntax has a self-study exercise (with answer key) to match each comic. 

    SUPER REVIEW QUIZ (Full version only) 
    Grammarman's ultimate TEST and your opportunity to show you’ve understood what you’ve READ and LEARNED in his comic adventures. The quiz tests 20 different areas of English and gives you feedback to direct you to the right episode for further practice. What rank will Grammarman award you? Do you have the makings of a superhero? You can save and SHARE your CERTIFICATE with your friends and family! 

    The custom-written mini-dictionary supports readers of all levels; the glossary lists and defines potentially problematic words and phrases from each comic. 100s of WORDS and PHRASES to learn, practise and master. Plus, you can see them all used in context in the comics. (Glossary for Episodes 1-5 in Lite version) 

    Test your English and PUZZLE-SOLVING skills with Grammarman’s Quick Quizzes. Perfect 10-minute workouts for your brain! 

    KEY English AREAS the full version covers: 
    Idioms, Tenses, Spelling, Adjectives and Adjective order, Extreme adjectives, Uncountable nouns, Compound nouns, Punctuation, Commonly-confused words, Articles, Adverbs of frequency, Present perfect, Defining relative clauses, Anagrams, Codes, Modals of obligation & ‘Used to’. 

    The app is designed to work on two levels. Simply enjoy reading the comic adventures purely for the story, OR, study the text, dialogues and scenes more closely, looking for clues, mistakes, answers or whatever is required to solve the puzzles. Both ways combine to make this one of the most engaging ways to improve your English. Ideal for self-study or as part of classroom-based, teacher-led activities. 

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    Grammarman is also available as an iPhone app. Great for learning grammar + much more on the go! 

    The Grammarman apps are a joint creation by award-winning mobile education developers, Cambridge English Online Ltd, and the popular Grammarman Comic series. 

    Take a look on the ‘Cambridge English Online’ developer page for more great teaching and learning apps. 

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