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    Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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    Welcome to the most FUN way to LEARN and MASTER English idioms! 

    IDIOMS are the trickiest, strangest and most wonderful part of the ENGLISH language, but… they rarely mean what they say. Native speakers use these unique parts of English without thinking about them too much, but for language learners they often cause mix-ups and confusion. ENGLISH IDIOMS INTERACTIVE is packed with 45 HILARIOUS cartoons illustrating some of the FUNNIEST English idioms, plus QUIZZES and information to help IMPROVE your KNOWLEDGE and COMMAND of English. This app can boost your VOCABULARY and strengthen your READING skills too. 

    We’ve selected 45 of the funniest cartoon idioms and brought them together for your learning enjoyment. But… we don’t just give you the idiom, we make you think too! 

    *Images and humour are a PROVEN, POWERFUL way to help you learn and remember the English language!* 


    With each of the 45 beautifully-illustrated, fun idiom cartoons, you can: 

    - GUESS the idiom, guess the meaning and get a hint if you need it 
    - Learn the ORIGIN of each idiom 
    - KNOW the best way to use each idiom including when, where, and how 
    - Tell the difference between the IDIOMATIC meaning from the LITERAL meaning 
    - Find out what’s so FUNNY about the cartoon 
    - Get a sample sentence showing the USAGE of the idiom 

    **We’ve divided the idioms into 3 levels according to difficulty.** 


    Find out how many idioms you have mastered by taking the FINAL REVIEW QUIZ. Score over 30 points to WIN A CERTIFICATE. Then post, tweet and email your score and certificate to friends and family. Do you have what it takes to reach the GOLD standard? The quiz is SUPPORTED with complete ANSWERS to help you further. 

    ***It’s the only app that teaches you BOTH MEANINGS of an idiom to avoid confusion.*** 


    English Idioms Interactive is perfect for: 
    - English language learners – to boost your comprehension and fluency 
    - English language teachers – for creative new resources to help you teach this tricky part of English 
    - English language teacher trainers – to give your trainee teachers new and exciting ideas/tools 
    - People who speak English, but not as a first language – to help perfect your knowledge of English idioms 
    - Native speakers of English – to play a fun and challenging idiom guessing game + learn about their origins 

    !!!NO IN-APP PURCHASES-everything’s included in the great-value price!!! 

    ****English Idioms interactive is also available as an iPad app-great for 'big-screen' practice.**** 

    English Idioms Interactive is created by English Speaking Union President’s Award winners, Cambridge English Online Ltd (for its Phonetics Focus apps), in partnership with Rolls Off The Tongue, one of the most popular idiom-focussed resources on the Internet, with over 300, 000 facebook, Twitter and Tumblr followers. The cartoons in the app are illustrated by an award-winning ESL cartoonist. 

    ***Please email ceoi@cambridgeenglishonline.com with any comments, questions or suggestions. 


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